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Since the opening of the Los Angeles Yamaha Music School, the first outside Japan in 1965, the Yamaha network has spread worldwide. In the course of this expansion a harmonisation with local situations and cultural aspects of various regions has been a key objective, without losing sight of our diluting Yamaha’s own teaching philosophy.

On April 28th, 2023, RIVER NORE MUSIC ACADEMY became THE FIRST AND ONLY LICENSED YAMAHA music school in Ireland. This is a fantastic achievement for the academy and will give students the best opportunity to learn and grow. Ireland has now joined the community of 44 countries worldwide with the Yamaha licence.


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Keyboard Lessons

Play for Keeps  provides a fun and stimulating environment in which your child can enjoy making music on a keyboard.

 It is open to children aged from 7 – 17yrs old. Every group has 2 to max 5 students in the group which ensures a good quality of teaching of a full 60 minute lesson.  There is a required Yamaha book with all the music sheets that we use for the lesson, and there is a possibility of taking an exam and getting the certificate.

Drum Lessons

Students aged 7-17 years old can develop their talent quickly and enjoyably with our tried and tested , high quality educational Yamaha program. Nothing matches the exhilaration of a group of students drumming simultaneously! The lessons are 60 minutes long and have a maximum of 5 people in the group which ensures a good quality of teaching.
There is a required Yamaha book with all the music sheets that we use for the lesson, and there is a possibility of taking an exam and getting the certificate.

Our Teachers


Meet Lilian

Lilian Giber Opacak, the founder and CEO of River Nore Music Academy, has seamlessly merged her passion with her life’s purpose. Music has held a significant role in Lilian’s life since her earliest years. Piano playing and teaching have not only opened numerous doors but also served as a powerful means for connecting with others.

Lilian’s profound musical journey began with a 16-year piano education guided by the exceptional Professor Beatrice Janson. Her pursuit of musical studies continued at the J.J. Strossmayer University – Academy of Art in Osijek, Croatia, culminating in the attainment of a Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy. She has also recently become a Yamaha-qualified instructor and provides exceptional group piano classes for budding piano players. 

Not only has she obtained a high level of musical ability, she holds a teaching degree from the Marino Institute of Education in Dublin. Having such diverse academic achievements, allows her to have immense variety in her day-to-day teaching. Accompanying her private piano lessons, she also teaches group music classes to primary schools across Kilkenny. Her classes are enjoyable and engaging, as she brings music to life for young primary school students across Kilkenny.
In Djakovo, Croatia, Lilian previously served as a music teacher in a Primary School and as a piano teacher at the Music School “Ivan Goran Kovacic” before relocating to Ireland. 

Across her music career of 15 years, one of her most notable achievements was her top performing student securing first place in a National Piano competition.

This accolade led her to actively participate in extensive music festivals, providing a platform for students across Croatia to showcase their musical prowess and share their experiences

Bringing 35+ years of Music experience, Lilian now seeks to continue to share her knowledge at River Nore Music Academy Kilkenny to help young people of all ages and backgrounds find their rhythm—both in music and in life.


Meet Andreea

From early baroque to contemporary music and from classical to traditional Irish music, the Romanian born Andreea Bouros has accomplished all levels of education.

She began her violin training at the age of 7 and continued her progress at West University in 2004 under the guidance of exceptional mentors.

Her music education continued after with a Master of Arts – Violin, at the same University. Meanwhile, she started her collaboration with philharmonic orchestra ” Banatul” ending up by being a permanent violinist in the institution. 

Between 2004-2011 she’s been touring in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain Austria and France. Moving with her family in Ireland in 2011, Andreea was a violin teacher in Carlow, Clonmel, Kilkenny and Castlecomer.

In Kilkenny she was the tutor of the Kilkenny Allegro orchestra, and she was invited to perform on the 25th Anniversary of Carlow College of Music in Carlow Arts Festival.

As she believes that music is vital to a child’s education, Andreea is happy to be part of the growing family of River Nore Music Academy 

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Meet Alberto

Our teacher Alberto Kupper has provided lessons for hundreds of students over the last 20 years.

As a voice coach and practiced guitar player Alberto doesn’t feel his job is to teach people how to sing and play guitar, but how to remove the obstacles that may prevent them from performing the way they want to perform. He has an uncanny way of getting right to the source of a problem and finding its solution.

 Alberto completed his music education in Classical (Acoustic) Guitar, Music Technology and Music Composition at Universidade Livre de Música Antonio Carlos Jobim in Sao Paolo, 1995. Furthering his studies, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Music and graduated Music education at The Waterford Institute of Technology.

As a guitar player in bands and solo, professionally and for fun, he is ready to teach all genres of music for students all ages and skill levels.

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Meet Viktor

Viktor Dobbs holds accreditation as a Yamaha drum teacher. His classes are known for their dynamic engagement, drawing admiration from students eager to learn from such a skilled drummer.

During his teenage years in Hungary, Viktor Dobos found his passion for drumming. His parents observed his attempts to replicate the techniques of renowned rock drummers by tapping and hitting the cushions in his home. They decided that it was only appropriate to purchase a basic drum kit and enroll him with a private music tutor.


River Nore Music Academy

His initial introduction to music involved performing children’s songs and leading musical programs for kids, in addition to pursuing his rock music ambitions. Alongside playing, recording, and touring with various esteemed artists and music groups, Viktor also served as a drum tutor, conducting workshops and programs for young drum enthusiasts.

Viktor’s passion for drumming can be seen in all of the classes he is involved in. He wishes to make every inspiring student of his become the best drummer they can be! 

His speciality in group classes, allows his students to feel they are part of a rock band from very early on in their drumming career. 
Over the years, Viktor’s dedication to refining his technique and expanding his knowledge has remained unwavering. Since relocating to Ireland in 2014, he has been actively engaged with multiple bands, persistently honing his craft and embracing continuous learning.


Meet Gráinne

Since 2019, Gráinne Behan has passionately embraced the role of a piano and flute instructor. Commencing her teaching journey at her parents’ residence with a handful of students, she swiftly discovered the joy in igniting young minds with the enchantment of music—an experience that soon became the highlight of her week. With over 16 years of proficiency in piano and a decade’s expertise in playing the flute, she imparts her wealth of experience to the students at River Nore Music Academy.

While teaching remains Gráinne’s primary focus, her background is enriched by a diverse tapestry of performance experiences with both the flute and piano. Her musical journey includes appearances at the esteemed National Concert Hall and engagements across England alongside two orchestras. Her dedication to music led her overseas to Portugal, where she not only performed with a band but also immersed herself in a unique cultural musical setting.

River Nore Music Academy

Gráinne’s musical credentials boast completion of all ABRSM exams in both flute and piano, alongside acquiring a diploma in piano performance from Trinity College London. Furthermore, as a certified Yamaha instructor, she conducts numerous group piano sessions that encompass various facets of musicality, including aural skills, sight-reading, and fostering an environment for young talents to express their musical gifts. She is currently completing a post-graduate course in piano pedagogy to further enhance her skillset in teaching.


Throughout her academic tenure, she has collaborated with choirs and contributed to flute-centric jazz bands. Excited about the prospect of imparting her expertise at River Nore Music Academy, Gráinne eagerly anticipates sharing the profound beauty and significance of music.


Meet Billy

Billy’s Doran’s musical journey began in his teenage years when he discovered his passion for guitar. Over time, he immersed himself in various bands, sparking a deep love for music that extended beyond performance. His exploration expanded into composition and production, broadening his expertise.

While initially drawn to rock and metal shred techniques, Billy’s recent focus has shifted to classical guitar. Under the guidance of renowned guitarist and classical guitar lecturer Michael O’Toole at the Southeast Technological University in Waterford City, he has honed his skills in this genre. Having such a vast array of skills in various genres, Billy’s understanding of music allows his teaching to be versatile and very interactive.

Currently pursuing a music degree at SETU, Billy shares his knowledge by teaching students privately and through the Carlow College of Music. With a passion for teaching and building learning power, he eagerly anticipates further studies to deepen his musical understanding to help his students.

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” Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is never enough for music “

Sergei Rachmaninov